Offbeat Video

By Dan Coles


A food challenger who has never finished a meal decided to try the famous spaghetti breakfast from the blockbuster Christmas movie ‘ELF’.

The vile breakfast consists of spaghetti, marshmallows, pop tarts, maple syrup, Haribo, Lucky charms and M&M’s.

It was made famous by Will Ferrell’s hilarious character Buddy in the blockbuster movie ‘ELF’, a household favourite to watch during the festive season.

The not-so-seasoned food challenger, Will Lailey, 30, from Reading, has been trying food challenges for the last six months but has never been able to complete one – but given that Christmas is all about eating, he thought he would give another one a go.

Will said: “This time of year is all about eating until you can’t move, I wanted to have another crack at a food challenge and figured with the time of year this was a perfect idea.

“Everyone loves the ‘ELF’ movie but I’m not sure everyone would love this meal, I certainly didn’t.

“Will Ferrell makes it look so easy on the film because he just chomps it down, but the reality is that it’s disgusting.

“The mix of sweets, marshmallows, spaghetti and syrup really is enough to ruin your Christmas.

“I’ve never been able to finish a food challenge, they have always beaten me, and today was no different.

“I should maybe try something new because it’s getting pretty tragic.”

The Christmas breakfast was first shown in the hugely popular film ‘ELF’ in 2003, and when the main character Buddy is left home alone, he creates his own festive feast.

Will said: “I watch it every year, sometimes not even at Christmas, and for some reason I have always wanted to try the spaghetti meal.

“My stomach went as soon as I poured the maple syrup all over it.”

Will has been trying to complete food challenges since the start of 2019 but has never managed to get even halfway through any of his challenges yet.

He said: “One day I’m sure I’ll be able to finish one, but today obviously wasn’t that day.”




Maple Syrup: 819kcal

MNMS: 862kcal

Marshmallows: 318kcal

Pop Tarts: 420kcal

Haribo 350kcal

Lucky Charms: 110kcal

Spaghetti: 350kcal


Total: 3229kcal