By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A singer dubbed a ‘human gorilla’ by bullies is thanking her hairy birthmark for her dream career as she always ‘stands out from the crowd.’

Libny Molano, 26, from Colombia, has overcome bullying and negative remarks to prove herself as a musician brimming with confidence.

The giant birthmark, made up of over 200 individual marks, extends down the right hand side of her body, and meant Libny had to overcome cruel comments as she was compared to a gorilla and Dalmatian during her education.

Yet now she sees herself as inspiring others as she shows the birthmarks off in photoshoots, including her most prominent one – spreading from her elbow to her fingertips and measuring 32-and-a-half inches.

The confidence found from standing up to her tormentors has given her the determination to now pursue a career in music full time.

Libny said: “For a long time, my understanding surrounding my birthmark was very negative – people made cruel comments, comparing me to animals such as gorillas.

“I just never felt comfortable.

“Yet without a doubt, my birthmark has made me the person I am in every way.

“Without it, and the negativity I had to overcome, I would be a completely different person.

“Now I can say, thanks to my birthmark, I have learned to love people for what they are.

“I see life in a different way and I value it for the really important things and the most important thing is that I have learned to enjoy life to the fullest.

“I can’t let those with a lack of understanding hold me back, and so I’ve worked harder to achieve my dreams.

“Showing the marks off, I hope it gives others hope to see their differences as their superpowers too.”

Libny hopes to become a successful musician and is already making waves in the Colombian music industry.

Now she believes that being different is a blessing.

Libny added: “When I look in the mirror I feel like Mystique from X-Men and I love it.

“She looks different but that’s what inspires others about her.

“Because of that, I think my birthmark makes me look powerful.

“I also like to think that I am naturally tattooed, a work of art by a great painter – that’s who I am.

“To achieve in music, I need to have confidence and because I’ve had to be more confident in myself than most, it’s helped me.

“Now I have this confidence of believing in myself, and it has helped me a lot in being better at what I do and believing in my work.

“I’ll never be ashamed or afraid to show my birthmarks – they make me, me.”