Life Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A mother-of-two was left disgusted after claiming a pack of bread rolls that she was about to feed to her sons were covered in ‘flies and faeces’.

Kimberley Davis, 38, headed to Morrisons to buy the ingredients to cook her sons burgers for lunch – including six fresh buns for 60p.

However, the very next day when she was preparing dinner the beautician looked at the packaged buns and claims she saw flies flying inside and faeces on the bread.

Disgusted by what she saw, Kimberley says she was thankful she noticed before feeding them to her sons.

Kimberley, from Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, said: “When I looked at the rolls I couldn’t miss the flies – it’s very hard to miss living animals flying around a sealed packet of bread.

“I’m just so glad that I spotted the flies and faeces before I gave them to my children – I worry how ill they could have got if I didn’t.

“I was disgusted when I noticed that – not only were there live insects in the packet, but also their faeces had been left behind too.

“The rolls were still in date and I had only bought them the night before – and the flies definitely didn’t come from my house!

“Luckily my friend was able to take the rolls back for me or I would’ve just thrown them in the bin.

“It has definitely put me off of shopping in Morrisons again because of just how ill myself and the kids could’ve got.”

Morrisons have been approached for a comment.