Life Video

By David Aspinall


A pedestrian who had just crossed some tram tracks bizarrely turned back into the moving vehicle before being flung into the air.

Gilmutdinov Dinar was watching CCTV in Salavat, Russia, on December 11, when a pedestrian leaving the local military enlistment office crossed the snowy tracks.

Having walked past a white vehicle and on to the other side of the line, the man abruptly turned around and headed back the way he came.

Unaware of the oncoming red tram, the pedestrian is flown across the snow on his back.

Gilmutdinov said: “I felt very sad about how a person’s life can turn abruptly from one wrong decision.

“No one really knows why he went back.

“He was coming from the military registration and enlistment office and most likely forgot some document there.

“He turned around and simply did not notice the tram.”