Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


An annoying kitten got its just desserts when a grumpy husky hit it through a window.

As Zahira Avalos chilled at home in Stockton, California, her pet cat Boots decided to have fun with his doggy siblings.

While huskies Rocky and Rambo, both five, sat outside looking in through the fly catcher on the window, the three-month-old moggy teased them with his paws.

Finally having enough of Boots’ dancing, Rocky hit his paw through the window, sending the kitten scurrying.

Zahira said: “Boots loves sunbathing on the window and running back and forth until the dogs notice him.

“Boots was fine, the boys are very gentle with him and always tap lightly but this day they tapped too hard and broke thru the window screen.

“They love when he runs up the door or window and jump scares them.”