Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane


A group of adrenaline-seeking tourists climbed and ziplined over an active volcano in an apocalyptic looking adventure.

Geoff Mackley, 56, of Penrose, Auckland, travels the world with eager, thrill-seeking tourists, in search of the most adrenaline inducing adventures.

As operator of Ultimate Volcano Expeditions, Geoff, with guests in tow, traverses some of the world’s most explosively beautiful, lava flowing volcanoes.

Travelling to Nicaragua, Geoff took his adventurers up and into the Masaya Volcano.

Building two ziplines that spanned across the fiery volcano, American adrenaline junkie, Erik Wilson, swung above the hellish chasm, just a mere 150 metres above the boiling lava.

Geoff said: “I feel normal and relaxed on a volcano.

“We take safety seriously, but we never really know what may happen.

“I love it, it’s the greatest show on earth.”