Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A prankster left people in a restaurant stunned after his public ‘proposal’ was brutally turned down.

Chris Lee and his friend Aubrey Hinely decided to pull a lovestruck stunt in the Au Bon Pain on the Auburn University campus in Alabama.

Dropping to one knee, the 21-year-old jokester pulls out a box and asks Aubrey to marry him.

Stunned, she asks if he is serious before turning away and saying she can’t do this right now, leaving Chris open armed and alone.

The mood of the room changed from excited to sad, as Chris tells people to stop filming.

Chris said: “Before we did it, I was so nervous.

“I wasn’t sure if people would react, but all eyes were on me in the end.

“I’m not a great actor so I wanted it to be as realistic as possible.

“When she ‘rejected’ me, everyone went from excited to sad quickly and I knew we had sold it, which was satisfying.”