Animals Viral

By Federico Cornetto


An adorable cat has become an internet sensation thanks to a mysterious mutation that gave him a ‘flat head’ – which makes him look like Baby Yoda.

Flathead – named after his standout feature – is a five-year-old cat from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who has recently conquered the attention of thousands online thanks to his unusual looks.

Because of a mysterious mutation, the domestic shorthaired has flattened ears that protrude from both sides of his skull, leaving people thinking he looks like the feline version of Baby Yoda.

Owner, Jules Smith said: “A few people have said he looks like Baby Yoda – and it’s a pretty good match.

“He’s like Baby Yoda’s furry cousin!

“He came from a litter of domestic shorthair kittens and was the only one with the unusual ears.

“He is completely healthy, so we assume the mutation is just an adorable quirk!

“We’ve done a lot of research to try and find other cats born with a similar trait, but haven’t found anything.”

On December 9 pictures of Flathead were posted on social media by Jules’ family friend, and soon the kitten began to receive hundreds of amazed comments about his looks.

One user commented: “I have never seen this!”

“Flathead is a lil’ alien!” another one said.

Jules said: “Flathead is very friendly and loves attention, so he makes new human friends very quickly, children especially love him.

“Some other cats are a bit wary around him, though, they see his ears and think he’s angry.

“We didn’t expect him to go viral, but we’re delighted to see other people appreciating him and his unique looks as much as we do.

“He’s a very special cat, both inside and out.”