Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This homeowner has covered their home and surrounding yard with mesmerising lights and display in the run up to Christmas.

Wendi Gwartney’s neighbour, in Jenks, Oklahoma, erected an impressive amount of colourful and inventive lights in December 2018.

Every window of the huge mansion is laced with lights as well as various decorations placed in the house and in the yard.

The enormous electronic tree towers in the front garden, lighting up over the neighbourhood.

The clips shows the lights flashing in time with the loud speaker playing festive classics remixed in a dubstep way.

The street was lined with cars waiting to get a closer look as the impressive show captures the attention of the entire town, it seems.

Wendi said: “They put on a Christmas light show for the community every year.

“He sets the show up to music that you can access via a specific radio channel.

“Cars line up every night during the holiday season to watch the show.

“I love the more contemporary light shows that people put on these days to music.

“The show typically lasts 30 minutes, on really busy nights, they make it shorter to help move traffic through quicker.

“On any given night, there’s a line through the neighbourhood of at least 100 cars waiting for their turn to watch.”