By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A mum-of-five has finally cracked the code on how to make her kids – and hubby – do their chores.

Natasha MacLeod, 31, was fed up of coming home from her busy job as a student nurse, based over an hour away from Stranraer, Scotland and finding all her chores left undone.

From making their beds to washing up and clearing away the pots, Natasha’s three kids and two step-children – Andy, 13 Georgia, six, Amber, 11, Danielle, 11 and Morgan, 14, were all in for nasty shock when Natasha became determined to see the chores done.

Changing the title of the WiFi router to what she wanted doing, unceremoniously booting both kids and husband Ian, 34,  a factory line technician, from the network, the crafty mum refused to give up the password until they could prove all jobs were complete.

Natasha said: “I took inspiration from one of my favourite shows Big Bang Theory, where one of the characters changes his password to lock his friends out.

“They only then get the password when they do what he wants.

“So I changed the router’s name to what I wanted my kids to do and then waited till they did it to let them know the password.

“I taped a list of exactly what I wanted doing to the fridge.

“I knew the kids would want to go for snacks, and they’d see exactly what I needed doing.

“Their beds had to be made, washing had to be done, along with the washing up done, dried and put away.

“Floors needed to be swept, bins needed to be put out and all the pets fed.

“I was working a long shift, and so I knew I deserved to have my dinner made, like I do for them, and to see the kids with all their coats away etc.

“I put on the end of the note on the fridge, no more asking – your WIFI depends on it.

“Then they’d realise that I wasn’t messing about anymore.”

And Natasha’s husband Ian, was in for a double shock when he realised he couldn’t get round her clever trick either – and text his wife to find out he had to help out too.


Natasha added, “He’d been using all his data to watch YouTube videos but he didn’t have a clue – but it taught him a lesson.

“He needed to make sure the house was sparkling before I got home!

“It did seem to keep the motivation going for all of them though – I stuck to my guns and didn’t give them the password until the whole house was done.

“It definitely affected the teens a bit more as although they’re good more of the time, they can be lazy and it gave them a good kick up the bum!

“We’re at the stage where telling them Santa is watching doesn’t scare them anymore.

“It taught them all – including Ian – that WIFI is a privilege, although they did catch me off guard.

“I rang Ian who told me the house was sparkling and so I gave them the easy password – Thankyou123 – but when I got home, not quite everything was done.

“But when I threatened to do it again, well, I’ve never seen them all move so fast.

“I posted it in a Facebook group and I didn’t expect the reaction from all the other mums.

“They wanted to know how to do it and were so amazed it had worked such wonders!”