Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This cat owner has been showing off their fantastic feline’s ability to sit, high five and speak on command then rewarding her with a treat and a song.

Jake Mutch and Liora began training when she was 19-months-old in their apartment in Marlton, New Jersey, in September.

The first clip shows the cat minding her own business before Jake asks her to sit and then high five which she obliges.

Jake lets out an almighty original soul song praising how smart she is, but Liora reacts in a shocked and confused way.

Jake said: “My cat shows off her sitting and high-fiving abilities, and I proceed to give her a treat (as is customary) while singing at her (not quite as customary, but not that unusual either!).

“I’d describe her reaction at the beginning as “same shit, different day,” and her confused/surprised face towards the end was mostly like because when she looked up from eating her treat she saw that the phone was way closer to her!

“But honestly, who knows what she’s thinking, she’s smarter than all of us, probably something to do with particle physics.

“I have not only the smartest cat in the world but one of the sweetest cats, full of energy and personality and absolutely no boundaries whatsoever.”

Jake has also taught Liora to speak on command and rewards her by giving her a dollar.