Animals Video

By Lucy Harvey


Meet Mr Beaches, the super pup, who prefers paddle-boarding to walking with his owner.

This gorgeous five-year-old Corgi works with owner Natasha Baker Williams to give people the best paddle-boarding experience of their lives.

Mr Beaches takes to the waves with Natasha and is a favourite amongst tourists visiting Lauderdale in Florida.

Natasha decided to start the business when she saw an article about Airbnb experiences and was encouraged by her friend.

She said: “I was very reluctant, because I didn’t believe that anyone would want to paddleboard with a black girl and her dog.”

Funnily, Mr Beaches stays away from the water and is much happier when he is sat in his pride position at the front of the paddleboard.

Natasha said: “Mr.Beaches and I will guide you on a one-hour leisurely tour of the world-famous Las Olas canals.

“Our tours focus on the beauty surrounding us, and not your paddleboarding technique. So, feel free to stand, kneel or sit – as long as you enjoy yourself.”

The experience also allows you to bring along your own pup who will get to experience paddleboarding alongside Mr Beaches.

Natasha and Mr Beaches, now conduct several tours a day and SUP PUP has become one of the top five stand up paddle board companies in South Florida.