Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


A doting doggy mum lent a puppy a helping paw when she pushed it around in a toy car.

Lizzy the Labrador is a therapy dog for autistic children and as part of her routine to cheer them up, she likes to do tricks.

With mum Jenny Willms filming at home in Victoria, Australia, the five-year-old pushed along a green and grey Cozy Coupe with her puppy pal Freddy inside.

As the 15-week-old pup waited patiently inside, Lizzy gave Freddy a push and he scooted across the patio.

Jenny said: “This is just a part of our usual training as we like to perform tricks.

“This was more about teaching Freddy to sit and wait, more than Lizzy pushing.

“I love seeing my dogs putting smiles on people’s faces.”