Life Video

By Lucy Notatantonio


A savvy dad from Scotland has built a banquet table from palettes for 18 members of his family to enjoy this Christmas.

Graham Storrie, 48, upcycled 22 pallets retrieved from his work as a print finisher and real wooden flooring for the surface which cost £25 for a pack of five from B&Q.

The dad-of-two spent ten hours building the table and added a Christmas touch to the bottom by wrapping it in 15 metres of red tartan paper that cost £10.

He is now looking forward to tucking into the turkey this year with 18 of his family members sitting around one table.

Graham from Edinburgh, Scotland said: “Christmas can be expensive so I like to cut costs where I can, and I love a challenge.

“I am proud of the result as I’m not a craftsman, I just learn as I go along.

“I dedicated a couple of hours here and there, but it took about ten all together.

“We didn’t need the pallets anymore at work, so I brought them home and first cable tied them together before drilling them to make the table more secure.

“I then used packs of flooring for the top to create a smooth surface.

“The Christmas wrapping paper was the final touch to make it look more appealing.”

After the festivities, he plans on dismantling the table and using the pallets again in the summer.

He adds: “It is amazing what you can do with pallets and they are always being thrown away in workplaces.

“This will be the first Christmas hosted at my house so I am glad everyone will have somewhere to sit now.

“The money saved can go towards presents.”