Amazing Nature Video

By Neo Bye


A paraglider proved you don’t need a magic carpet to soar through the Saharan desert, even managing to skim off the surface of sand dunes.

Adrenaline junkie Armand Camille took his parachute and equipment to the Morocco to fly above La Plage Blanche in November.

Wearing a blue head scarf, the 27-year-old glides above the golden dunes below, even dipping so low as to skim his feet and his palms across the hot sand.

Armand, who has been paragliding for two years, said: “I love flying in spots like the desert or close ocean as it’s like a giant skate park.

“You can fly low to touch the ground and then off you go again, back into the action.

“It makes me feel like a bird at the beach.”