Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


Sheets of paper marked ‘grow your own Reindeer’ transformed themselves into nine adorable puppies overflowed out of a bathtub.

A Christmas miracle occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on December 4, as a pile of signs turned into a group of eight-week-old German Shepherds.

Following the simple instructions, Ashley Shell, 28, added some water and turned off the lights, and when she turned them back on, she found her very own miniature reindeers ready for Christmas.

Getting into the Christmas spirit, the nine puppies made perfect stand-ins for Santa’s very own sleigh pulling Reindeers, as each had a pair of antlers on their fluffy little heads.

Ashley said: “I saw several videos of people doing it with one Dog, so I decided to change it up a bit!

“I was surprised I could keep them in there with their snoods on!”