Animals Video

By Dilantha Dissenayake


A giraffe with a crooked neck appears unfazed by his shortcomings.

Philip J. Briggs, 36, from Amboseli, Kenya, spotted the giraffe while visiting The Chyulu Hills last month and didn’t miss the chance of photographing him.

According to Philip, a conservationist, the giraffe is a male and looks healthy yet his neck is out of shape – which is possibly a result of a condition or an injury.

Giraffes’ necks are considered one of their biggest assets as they use them for reaching foliage and competing with other animals.

Philip said: “The frontal view of the giraffe really depicts the severity of the out of shape neck.

“My first reaction to seeing this giraffe was that he is a true survivor, since his remarkable good health suggested that his neck problem was not holding him back whatsoever.

“But to me this giraffe represented more than just being a survivor, he stood strong airing a boldness and a statement of ‘you can bend me, but you cannot break me’-  nature can be cruel and some inspirational animals really defy logic.

“To see a giraffe with such a crooked neck and yet be so healthy really shocked me.

“Just imagine what it’s like for him to drink water? Does he have to bend, a vulnerable action, even further down to reach water

“How does he compete with other male giraffe over females since in these bouts males literally swing their head and neck crashing it into their opponent like a club?

“And then the question arose of how his neck came to be so bent. Did he develop a scoliosis condition, or a small injury from a young age that continued to grow out of shape?

“Either way, this giraffe doesn’t seem to be fazed and is taking life in his stride.”