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By Candice Fernandez

Mad for Marmite – a woman so obsessed with Marmite that she eats it with every meal, has a shrine in her kitchen and even dresses like a jar!

Shelly McClellan, 45, from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, has been obsessed with the famous Marmite spread since she was a little girl – with her friends nicknaming her Mrs McMarmite.

Pic from Caters News

The super fan grew up in Burton – the home of Marmite – and now claims to have eaten thousands of jars of Marmite in her life time.

Shelly regularly enjoys it with every meal, including spaghetti, soups, tuna, sausages and cereals.

Pic from Caters News

And her cravings for Marmite are so severe that she can’t go anywhere without a pot in her handbag.

The mum of one even takes her Marmite on holiday with her and has a number of fancy dress costumes which she enjoys wearing from time to time.

Pic from Caters News

Shelly’s obsession doesn’t stop there  – she has also collected more than 200 jars of the spread– which she claims is worth more than £6,000 pounds.

The fascination with the ‘love it or hate it’ spread has allowed her to meet like-minded fans across the UK.

Shelly, a full time carer, said: “I have been obsessed with Marmite since I was a child – I grew up in Burton where Marmite is from and it brings back my childhood memories.

“I love to eat Marmite on almost everything – I have it in my stew, stocks, spaghetti bolognaise.

Pic from Caters News

“I go through a large 500 gram jar every week – I either have about an inch thick of it on my bread, or just go straight in with the spoon.

“I buy 26 Marmite sausages from my local butchers, they think I’m crazy me when I ask for that much.

“I also have to take my travel size Marmites on holiday with me, but one bottle will only last me a couple of breakfasts.

“I have collected over 200 jars – I have endless vintage jars from the 70’s, ones from around the world, champagne and Guinness Marmites, t-shirts, socks, fancy dress costumes and cycling gear.

Pic from Caters News

“I have dressed up as a Marmite jar and gone to pop stores. I even visited the Marmite monument in Burton dressed as a jar – much to embarrassment to my son!”

Shelly’s husband Stefan, 50 and her son Ethan, 16, think her ceaseless love for the spread is hilarious – as well as Shelly’s friends, who call her Shelly McMarmite.

She added: “My family thinks it’s really funny. My son and my dog like to eat Marmite, but my husband isn’t a massive lover of it like me.

“He isn’t obsessed but he has had to learn to like it after being married to me for 20 years!

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“I am extremely easy to buy for though! Stefan got me these amazing specialised converses that have the Marmite campaigns on them, the summer of love and the summer of hate. They cost 250 pounds.

“Another one of my most reassured items is a gold Marmite jar celebrating 100 years. It was only given to employees but I managed to get my hands on one.

“My friends call me Shelly McMarmite! I have even had post delivered to me for Shelly McMarmite.

“I am also the admin for a Marmite collectors group, we have 1600 members and we all sell and trade all things Marmite.

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“I go on the M1 and meet people to swap products. The Facebook group is brilliant because I have made a lot of friends who also love Marmite from across the country because of it.”

Shelly’s house is covered in Marmite canvases, her kitchen has a Marmite shrine and her lounge room has a three feet tall Marmite shop display filled with the jars.

The mum’s cherished collectables will never go amiss with her detailed files that track where her items are.

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Shelly said: “I have a database listing every single item I own, along with a photographic database of the items too and their location in the house.

“My collection has got so big that I have now had to put a lot of it in the loft – up there I have about 17 boxes filled with jars and items.

“I want to pass all my collectables to my son as it’s a brand that’ll always be worth something.

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“He likes eating it but he doesn’t understand why I collect so much but everyone has to have a hobby and mine is Marmite!

“It’s an obsession that will never go away but it hasn’t done me any harm so far.”