Animals Offbeat

By Aliki Kraterou


A group of talented artists are turning pets into a royal renaissance painting, that will last furever.

Hanna Kostenko , 31, is an artist and founder of ‘Royal Pet Pawtrait’, where she and her colleagues who are based around the world create paintings of pets based on images of kings, princesses, nobles and  military of the 14th-16th century.

Hanna got the idea three years ago, while working on projects about animals and after watching ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

The artists use unique brushes, special techniques and professional effects, that create effect of oil painting and even incorporate  some of the pets’ favourite toys – and every pawtrait takes up to five days to complete.


Hanna said: “The key moment in the creation Royal Pet Pawtrait was the cartoon ‘The Secret Life of Pets’- after watching it I definitely knew what I need to do and how make it work.

“Imagine the secret life of pet, she is a royal princess and rules the dog world.

“Or he is a greatest general, who conquered France with his mouse guard and got the best Roquefort cheese- maybe he is an admiral of the cat navy and owns all fish in the ocean.

“All these imaginary stories are the mystery of pets inner Royal life, and fun at the same time.

“Every portrait is special for us and emotions of our clients are the reason we do this- what we usually get is ‘ Wow, this is Amazing! This is true Masterpiece’ “

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