Amazing Video

By Lucy Harvey


A set of beautiful pink images have emerged that showcase hundreds of vibrant waterlilies as they are harvested by farmers on boats.

Taken in Barisal, Bangladesh, by professional photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, 32, the images show local farmers rowing through a canal

covered in green lily pads whilst collecting the much sought-after flowers.

Unbelievably, the lily pads cover the 10,000-acre canal known locally as the ‘canal of waterlilies’ and farmers tread the 8ft deep water to

harvest as many of them as possible to sell at local markets.

Armed with a drone, Azim managed to take these photographs in the early hours of September 28, 2019.

Azim said: “When first time I saw this place the feeling was amazing, two brothers live next to this canal and harvest them to sell at the local


“This particular canal is named after the beautiful flowers, the workers carefully navigate the 8ft-deep body of water and pack their gondola-style

wooden boats with piles of the fuchsia-coloured lilies.

“The delicate freshwater plants hover among the lily-pads before they are hand-picked.”