By Charlotte Nisbet


A massage therapist has decided to celebrate her 29th birthday with a hilarious baby inspired photoshoot.

Krysti Yakonick can be seen posing for a sequence of photos – while wrapped in a blanket with her eyes closed –  to illustrate her pending birthday on December 4.

The 29-year-old had created a plaque which detailed her age in months, weight and length.

She says she got the idea from all of her friends who had recently had babies and were sharing updates in this way and wanted to create her own version.

Krysti from Pennsylvania, US said: “I love uploading silly photos of myself and after seeing dozens of new mum’s posting about their babies hitting certain age milestones, I wanted to join in.

“With the help of my friend, I dressed up as a new born baby and lay on the floor next to a plaque which read out my age in months along with my weight and size in inches.

“I posted the images on my personal Facebook page as well as a few groups, I like making people laugh as it’s important to have comical healing when there’s so much negativity in the world at times.”

Krysti says her friends and family weren’t surprised by her latest stunt as she’s always uploading silly images.

She added: “They just think ‘oh she’s back at it again,’ and no doubt laugh at how stupid I look.

“My recent set of images only took a couple of minutes to capture as we got all the best images straight away.

“It’s a bit of a funny hobby now and who knows what I’ll be up to next.”