By Jamie Smith and Becca Husselbee

A photographer from India has caught the moment a female Tiger flashes her teeth for the camera.

Nimit virdi, a 29 year-old from Bangalore, captured the image back in March 2017 at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

Pic from Nimit Virdi/Caters News

Virdi had gone to the reserve to photograph the tigers and their cubs and came across the Tigress, named Flehmen, while on a Jeep Safari. It shows the exact moment that the animal opens her mouth and appears to be smiling in the camera’s direction.

The freelance wildlife photographer said: “I wanted to get her in open space without any other jeeps blocking my view.

Pic from Nimit Virdi/Caters News

“I wanted to document the normal behaviour of a big cat marking its territory and understanding its surroundings using scent.”

“I was ecstatic when I reviewed the images. It was my first time capturing it so close.”

Virdi plans to keep documenting wildlife photography and said: “I want to create awareness about our wildlife to the world and the people almost oblivious to their deterioration, especially before the wild becomes extinct.”

The Bandhavgarh National Park India is one of the most popular National Parks and is famed for holding the highest density of tiger population in India.