Offbeat Video

By Kerry Elsworth and Chris Jaffray


A mum tricked her pals with this cheeseboard with a twist – everything on it was made entirely of cake.

Sarah Ball’s cheeseboard sweet treat was so realistic, people tried to grab items off it when she unveiled it at a friend’s birthday party WHEN.

The mum-of-two’s masterpiece is a perfect replica of a wooden board featuring a wine bottle with a proper label, grapes, crackers, and cheeses including camembert, stilton and edam – some of which even look like they have already had a chunk cut out of them.

Finance manager Sarah, who has been an amateur baker for seven years, said: “A friend asked me to make this cake for a birthday party.

“I planned it out and I had a sketch of what it was going to look like – she left the design up to me.

“I got great feedback on it.

“At the party people thought it was a real cheeseboard, they had tried to pick stuff up off it.

Sarah, from Billericay, Essex, had previously created similarly realistic cakes which looked like vodka bottles.

And for her son’s fifth birthday, the 45-year-old made an incredibly accurate full English breakfast cake featuring icing eggs, bacon, beans mushrooms and sausages.

She added: “Baking is definitely a creative outlet for me.”