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A scared Pit Bull was serenaded to sleep with a sweet lullaby by her caring owner.

As fireworks were lighting up the sky in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, there was one resident who wasn’t enjoying the celebrations.

Puti the American Pit Bull Terrier had retreated to the safety of her indoor kennel due to the loud explosions.

As a way to settle the frightened pooch, owner Christopher Galindez began singing a sweet lullaby to Puti, who began to calm and settle in her bed.

As Christopher sang, Puti looked up with eyes of love as she slowly began to drift off to sleep.

Jenny Galindez, 38, who filmed the heartwarming moment said: “Puti loves being sung to.

“Christopher started singing to her and that was the song she loved the most.

“Singing is a regular thing my husband does all times of the day.

“Sometimes he sings in an ‘annoying’ tone to her and she does not like it, but when it’s nice & soothing she loves it.

“It melted my heart when I saw her smile to the song. She enjoys being serenaded.”