Amazing Nature Video


A playful dolphin was captured swimming just feet away from a boat and even jumping out alongside the vessel.

Magnus Lønfeldt, 18, was out on the Danish seas with his father between Svendborg and the island of Tåsinge on November 30 when they were greeted by a few friends.

A stray dolphin was caught swimming right up to the boat as Magnus films, before it peels off and performs an awesome flip from the water.

Darting from one side of the boat to the other, the dolphin keeps up with the boat with great speed before doing a roll in the water.

Magnus said: “This dolphin was very playful and swam with us a lot.

“It was awesome, unbelievable, a bit frightening and also very eye opening.

“It almost felt like having eye contact with it, as it spun around itself.

“A very big experience I will never forget.”