By Mike Jones


This family thought they had been burgled after returning home to find their kitchen had been ransacked by their mischievous puppy.

One-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Dory, trashed the kitchen – pulling out the contents of all the cupboards and emptying the bin – while owner Dylan Raynor, his mum, Sharon and her partner, Nick, were out shopping.

The family returned to their home in Warrington after two hours and thought they had been burgled before noticing the nibble marks in everything and realising it was the guilty-looking pup.

Dory had left the kitchen floor littered in rubbish, biscuits, chocolates and cooking utensils.


She had licked icing sugar, munched on sheets of lasagne pasta and even managed to pull the iron out of the cupboard.

Dylan, a 21-year-old Medical Biochemistry student, said: “Dory is just a full-time nutcase who enjoys causing havoc.

“She attends doggy-day school and used to attend puppy training classes, however, all of these accolades do not reflect her mischievous behaviour. She’s like the Houdini of the doggy world.

“We went shopping and we were out of the house for just shy of two hours.

“As we arrived back my mother looked through the window and we honesty believed we had been burgled.

“The cupboards were ransacked, food and items all over the floor.

“It wasn’t until we noticed the nibble marks in the food and the inedible items, that we realised we had been ransacked by Dory.

“She had worked out how to open the cupboard doors and had also worked out how to open the bin.

“She had emptied the contents of every cupboard and also the rubbish bin.

After realising the destruction was caused by the dog and not a human it made me wonder what else she might be capable of.

“My mother was in disbelief as was her partner, and eventually we all laughed and realised if Dory had hands and fingers, we’d all be dead.

“She has always taken socks out of a washing basket, or decided to take a risky drink out of the bath water showing no regards to the bubbles present. However, this has completely blown her previous mischievous behaviour out of the pond.

“To top it off, Dory had taken a nibble out of literally everything on the floor, including the icing sugar, so everything had to be thrown in the bin.

“She had nibbled her dog collar and consumed things which would make anyone sick in large amounts so we monitored her health but 24 hours after the incident she was perfectly fine, eating and sleeping as normal.

“She will be one this month. I keep telling my family she will settle down soon but it appears to be something I’m saying all too often.”