Amazing Offbeat Video

By William Lailey


This creative couple have recreated a Nativity scene made only from sand.

Remy, 48, and Paul Hoggard, 54, are sand artists who travel all over the world creating sand art.

The couple, who first met on a pile of sand, decided to make a festive sand piece of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, called ‘Nativity, displaced family’ at St Mary’s church, Beverley, Yorks, which is Paul’s hometown.

Some of their other projects in sand include, Beverley Minster, Alice and the white rabbit, the fallen, memorial sculpture, St John of Beverley and earth goddess.

The sand piece of the Nativity contains three tonnes of sand and took almost five days to complete.

Remy, who now lives in Bulgaria, said: “The sculpture features the holy trio Joseph, Maria and baby Jesus.

“They were a displaced family as they were in harsh, unfortunate circumstances that led them to having to deliver their baby in a stable in the winter.

“We compacted the sand, plasterers sand from Yarrow aggregate, into plastic forms. We compacted the sand with a tamper to create a block- then we started carving the block.

“It was a bit of a puzzle to find the three figures, intertwine, in the sand block, we used shovels, trowels, pallet knives, a spoon, a lollipop stick.

“And for texture a dawn off bit of a sweeping broom.

“There are a lot of displaced families out there in the world, nobody chooses to be a refugee, this sculpture shines a light on their plights.

“Hopefully to make the refugees more human, by representing them as a trio everybody can relate to.”


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