Amazing Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

As the President of the United States finishes his visit to the UK, this baby Trump figure is launched into space with a weather balloon.

Beginning its journey from Sheffield on November 26, the notorious figure was blasted into the wider reaches of the atmosphere by company Sent Into Space.

The baby blimp can be seen ascend higher and higher until the curvature of the earth is on display.

The obnoxious expression on the figure beams down over the world as the weather balloon rose to 30,000 feet.

Head of Communications Alex Keen said: “The bobble-head is modelled after the Trump Baby balloon, which has been seen on a number of occasions at protests and marches.

“We think it’s a fine example of political satire and unfortunately Trump only tends to respond to things which provoke him emotionally.

“We have a pretty negative opinion of Trump, as a scientific organisation, we strongly disapprove of his state of denial about the climate emergency we face as a planet.

“We’d also prefer he didn’t keep sticking his nose into our politics.

“All that said, this video is just a bit of fun, we just liked the Baby Trump balloon and wanted to go one better!”