Amazing Life Nature Video

By Neo Bye

This video will have anyone’s palms sweating as this mountaineer climbed along an unbelievably steep and slim ridge.

Cyril Salomon was above the clouds in Grandes-Jorrasses, in the Mont-Blanc massif above Chamonix, France, on July 20 when this stomach-turning clip was recorded.

Cyril can be seen traversing his way along the face of the mountain that is only a few feet in width with limited hand and foot space.

The drop below reaches 1000 metres in what could be a lethal slip but Cyril with his brother and cousin manage to navigate the potential perils successfully.

Cyril said: “At this spot, the arete is so thin you can grab it with your hands.

“There are over 1000 meters of void on each side, and not many holds to put my feet especially with crampons on.

“There is so much void that it feels like flying in a way.”