Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A pair of Golden Retriever best friends love to meet up and get together, with one adorable greeting captured on film.

Fiona and Winston were born to the same breeder, less than one month apart, and after Winston’s owner, Brennan Visser, 28, found Fiona and her owners, Kyle Hoffman and Caitlin DiPaolo, the pair have met up for regular doggo dates.

Now firmly best friends, it doesn’t matter if a day or a few weeks have passed, the pair can’t wait to get together and shoot the breeze.

One such adorable encounter was captured on film by Brennan at her home in Richmond, Virginia.

In the video, Fiona can be seen eagerly rushing up the stairs to Winston, who is excitedly jumping up and down at his doggy gate.

With tails wagging, licks of love on the snout and sniffs all round, the pair are clearly BFFs.

Brenna said: “Fiona and Winston are best friends and this is their typical reaction when they see each other. They love playing with each other.

“It makes my heart so happy to see how much love they have for each other.

“Winston is always happy to see other dogs but reserves his ‘wiggle butt’ for Fiona.”