Life Video

By Hannah Phillips


A bar is wishing its punters Merry Cheese-mas with this festive artery clogger – a 3kg baked brie food challenge no one has yet successfully completed.

Dairy you take on the coma-inducing challenge of Mamucium Restaurant and Bar’s festive feast, a monstrous French cheese weighing nearly 5lbs.

Vegans beware as the huge showstopper – designed for a minimum of four people to share – also features festive fruit and nut loaf, pigs in blankets tossed in honey and mustard, clementine-spiced cranberry sauce, crispy home-cured pancetta, cox apples, grapes, artisan salted butter and candid pecans.

Staff at the Manchester city centre restaurant said even a group of 15 hungry diners have been left defeated by the un-brie-leavable cheesy whopper already this festive season.

Head chef Andrew Green said: “It’s got the wow factor.

“No one has finished it yet, not even a group of 15 – you definitely need a group of hungry people.

“We originally wanted camembert but couldn’t find one in that size so we went with brie.

“We think ‘the bigger the better’.”

Mamucium unveiled the festive feast to celebrate the Christmas season as a cheesy challenge for a party of 12, but they were unable to come close to finishing it.

The cheesy creation has racked up over 600,000 views online since it launched in the restaurant one week ago, but only a few cheese lovers have dared to tackle it to date.

The £59.69 brie, which takes 45 minutes to bake, needs to be pre-ordered and Andrew said people usually end up taking most of it home with them.

He added: “It’s liquid inside and the cheese goes all the way back round the edges, so you think you’ve finished but you haven’t.

“You do need a group to commit.

“But we tell customers if you leave a bit you can take it home, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t finish it.

“Brie is this year’s turkey, most restaurants are sick of turkey around Christmas but for us it’s cheese.”

The 3kg brie is available daily between 12pm and 10pm but must be booked 24 hours in advance.

For a smaller but equally as delicious cheese treat, Mamucium will also serve a baked camembert, suitable for a party of four and available for £29.95, with no booking required.

Both offers end on January 2 and for an additional touch of festive flair, the bar is also offering unlimited mulled wine or prosecco for £10 per person for an hour and a half.