By Luke Kenton

This is the adorable moment a grandma-to-be is sent into a tear-filled frenzy when she discovers her daughter is pregnant.

Waiting in their car in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, Raheem and Taylor Malloy, have the surprise of a lifetime in store for her parents, as they’re about to give them some very special news.

Handing Michelle and David Troxler a mystery box, the couple look perplexed until their confusion turns to complete shock and elation, as they stare at their daughter with their mouths gaping.

Panting ‘oh my god’ in disbelief, Michelle scrambles for the car door handle and runs into the arms of her pregnant daughter, wrapping her arms around tightly as tears of joy run down her face.

Raheem said: “The reaction was priceless, it made us feel so happy and excited for the next chapter of our lives together.

“We’d been trying for six months and they’ve really be hoping for it to happen.

“We put a onesie in the box with ‘I can’t wait to meet you grandma and grandpa, coming 2017’, written on the front.

“It’s too early to know the gender yet, but we will be sure to have a gender reveal party when the time comes.

“We all cried tears of joy together, we can’t wait to be parents.”