Offbeat Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A restaurant has given the traditional Sunday dinner an Italian twist and have combined the two to create the ultimate Roast Pizza.

Zerodegrees brewery and restaurant have created a personal pizza which is topped with everyone’s favourite Sunday roast toppings.

The pizza, which is topped with a choice of chicken, lamb or pork, a Yorkshire pudding, broccoli, roast potatoes, parsnips, mint, apple or horseradish sauce and a boat of gravy, weighs in at roughly 700 calories.

The 23″ pizza is currently only being served on Sunday’s and is the only roast dinner item on the menu – so is perfect for people who are trying to mix up their usual weekend tradition.

The twist on the classic is available at Zerodegrees restaurants in Bristol, Blackheath, Reading and Cardiff and costs under £15.

Daniele Boccardi, 30, Head Chef at the Bristol branch, said: “Everyone loves the traditional Sunday roast and it would be hard to find someone that has never tried it – but a Pizza Roast is something very different.

“We tried to do something different with lamb, chicken or pork meat.

“We tried to do the usual Sunday roast in the usual way, just on pizza.

“The pizza is 23” out of the plate.

“The dough takes us 24 hours, but the final pizza would take 60 – 65 seconds from opening, topping and then cooking.

“The pizza is for anyone that loves Sunday Roasts, anyone that loves pizzas and anyone who is looking to try something new.”