Offbeat Video

By Lucy Harvey


A chef has is serving up beans on toast with a difference – for dessert!

James Depmsey, 40, made the fake fry up from scratch, and has even fooled some punters at The Blackmoor Dining Room in Leeds, Yorkshire, into thinking the dish is actually a real fry up.

The head chef made the beans from marzipan, eggs from panna cotta and mango gel, the toast from lemon drizzle cake cake and the ketchup from raspberry puree.

James said that the dish and gone down a storm among his loyal customers.

He said: “I’d seen a similar dish online however this was just beans on toast which I thought was great but I wanted to put my own spin on this so I created the beans on toast dish along with a fried egg and tomato ketchup making it look more like a breakfast dish rather than a dessert.

“This has really baffled diners in the restaurant.”

The dish is assembled from traditional dessert ingredients but given its unique breakfast twist by James.

He said: “Amazingly all these flavours and ingredients work seamlessly together.

“The hardest part of it all was managing to make sure the beans actually looked like real baked beans.

“There were  also numerous attempts to create the perfect egg white.

“I started by using just whipped cream but didn’t feel this was authentic enough.

“The dessert has had a fantastic response so far.

“I’m an innovative chef, always striving to find a way to recreate traditional dishes in a new, fun and exciting way that gets people talking.

“My first successful creation was my take on the Yorkshire pudding wrap which went viral in January 2016 and became a viral sensation known as the British Burrito.”

James added that he’s going to turn his talents to his next project – a fake fish and chip supper.

He said: “I’m in the process of creating a dessert that will look exactly like traditional fish and chips with tomato ketchup and scraps too. It’s still in the development stage at the moment.”