Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This unassuming pug doesn’t let his size deter him from finding the biggest sticks possible.

Emma Johnson take her petite pug, Oscar, out on walks on the Isle of Wight to feed his unwavering hunger for sticks.

Oscar instantly forages for the perfect stick on every walk no matter the inconvenience to himself or others around him.

He even has a pile at home where he saves the biggest and best sticks.

Emma said: “Oscar is obsessed with finding big sticks.

“He is on the hunt from the second we get out.

“If we’re in a forest, you see him foraging in the woods for sticks, at home we have a collection and he chooses which one to take with him.

“He makes it look really easy, although some of them look massive and are pretty heavy too.

“If we try to take a stick away from him he cries at our feet, he loves them!”