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By Federico Cornetto


This is the adorable moment a mum got surprised with a trip to Disneyland hidden in a crossword puzzle.

Tracy Mattos, 53, from Sacramento, California, was celebrating her birthday with family on December 1, when she received a sweet surprise from her children.

Rodney Mattos, 29, and his siblings Greg, 26, and Caitlyn, 23, created a puzzle for Tracy to complete and the result read: “Tomorrow You Fly To The Happiest Place On Earth.”

The mum and insurance worker teared up as she realised her children had surprised her with a trip to California’s Disneyland Resort, where she always used to take them as kids.

Rodney said: “Growing up, my mum and dad used to surprise us with Disneyland trips here and there.

“For example, one Thanksgiving when I was eight, we packed the car to drive to my grandparents who lived two hours away.

“We ended up sleeping the whole way and instead of pulling into my grandparents’ driveway we woke up in Anaheim to the signs of Disneyland.

“The magic of Disney is real and it’s been a personal goal of mine to work hard and provide a trip for my mom.

“Seeing the pure joy on her face as she filled out the last couple answers made it all worth it.”