Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A lucky orangutan has successfully been re-released into the jungle after he was left living on the ground when a fire decimated its natural forest home.

The Orangutan Protection Unit (OPU) was alerted in November to a lone male affected by the fires in a small village in West Borneo.

After the fire had destroyed the trees and surrounding vegetation, the solitary ape was left with food or shelter and no means to search for more.

The decision was made by the OPU to secure the rare primate and relocate him to a safer and more lush area.

After being taken in for examination, the orangutan was re-homed in an area where the food and shelter is plentiful on November 10.

PR and Communications Manager for OPU, Elisabeth Key said: “They found the orangutan living on the ground because there were no longer any trees where he could seek refuge.

“He had no way of finding food and so had entered the local plantation and eaten the young shoots on the palm plants.

“Since there was no other source of food or shelter for the orangutan in the surrounding area, the OPU team decided to translocate him directly to a new, safe area of forest where food would be plentiful.

“In addition, there are orangutans living in the forest, but not too many, so our male will still be able to lead a largely solitary life, which is the natural behaviour of orangutans.”