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By Leah Fox


Junior Doctor Miss England Bhasha Mukherjee diagnosed a fracture in a fellow Miss World contestant’s wrist during rehearsals – after other doctors allegedly told her it was ‘just a sprain’.

Bhasha, 23, was approached by Miss Luxembourg Melanie Heynsbroek, 20, during rehearsals for the world famous pageant in London last week because her wrist was painful.

The beauty queen examined fellow contestant’s wrist and suggested an X-ray as she believed it was fractured – and when Melanie was rushed to A&E doctors there confirmed the bone was broken.

Bhasha claims Melanie had already been to see a doctor and had an x-ray in Luxembourg after she fell over at an ice rink, but medics missed the fracture.

The pair are currently rehearsing for the Miss World pageant, which is due to take place on Saturday 14 December at ExCel London.

Bhasha, who grew up in India but now lives in Derby, said: “Melanie approached me a day after rehearsals saying her wrist was painful and asked if I could have a look.

“I went to her room and took a thorough history and examination – I had to do some quick revision as I hadn’t dealt with fractures for almost a year.

“I accompanied her to the Miss World office and told them my findings and that we should really x-ray it.

“It’s possible due to Melanie using that wrist for carrying luggage that the two bone fragments may have moved and caused the new pain.

“But we have a saying in medicine to treat a patient, not the x-ray – the x-ray is a confirmation but history and examination is primary.”

Melanie said: “Two weeks ago, I made the official video for the Miss World pageant and then I fell down in an ice arena [in Luxembourg].

“I went to the hospital and they did an X-ray but [the doctors] only said I sprained my hand.

“After I came [to London], I fell on the same hand while roller-skating in the talent show.

“Some days after I woke up and I was in pain, I couldn’t move my hand, only my fingers.

“Because I know Bhasha is studying medicine and she is also a doctor, I wanted to ask her if she could check my arm [and see] if everything was fine.”

Bhasha grew up in India but moved to the UK at the age of nine and settled in Derby.

Bhasha was scouted in 2016 to compete in a pageant which aimed to increase diversity in beauty contests across the UK, before entering Miss England this year.

And the current Asian Face of Miss England 2019, who already holds a bachelor degree in medical sciences, graduated in July with a second degree in medicine and surgery from the University of Nottingham.

She started her new NHS hospital role as a junior doctor at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, Lincs, in August just hours after winning the final in Newcastle.

Bhasha has commended Melanie for her courage after having to wear a cast for the remainder of the competition.

Bhasha, who has a genius IQ of 146, added: “Melanie has been brave and was initially demoralised by having to wear a cast after being at A&E.

“She never doubted my judgement though and we have all kept her spirits up!

“The diagnosis felt like a personal victory – during my time working at the hospital, the leadership and decisions are mostly consultant lead.

Here I was able to make my own diagnosis from scratch, it felt great I was proud of myself.”

The beauty queen is now looking forward to competing in the final stage of Miss World next weekend after intense daily stage rehearsals and activities.

She added: “It doesn’t feel real that the finale is next week – for us, each day feels like seven days!

“We have so many activities fitted into one day and it’s like being at a camp.

“We’ve been preparing daily with seven hour long stage rehearsals and are putting together a show, and I’m going to miss all these rehearsals and the team bonding we had.

“We are so close to getting the crown this year, it’s home country and we really need everyone’s support.

“Let’s bring home the crown for Miss World and inspire young people to make a change.”

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