Animals Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


An unlikely friendship has formed between a puppy and a pair of guinea pigs – and the trio even look the same.

Bella, who is an eight-month-old Jack Russell and Shiatzu mixed breed takes special care of her little friends Piglet and Pumpkin by licking and cuddling them daily.

Their owner Michelle Lowe, 50, from Birmingham, believes Bella assumes she is their mother as she holds them close as if they were one of her own.

The trio – who all have white and brown patched fur – appear inseparable and seem to be the highlight of Bella’s day.

Michelle, a bank coordinator said: “They have the sweetest relationship and Bella loves them dearly.

“They have grown up together and were once all the same size when we got Bella at eight weeks old.

“Piglet and Pumpkin were apprehensive when they first met her as they assumed, she might try and eat them.

“But now they are so laid-back, and love being groomed by their crazy friend.

“I take her on a long walk before I get them out of their pen of an evening to chill her out otherwise, she goes berserk with excitement.

“She wags her tail like crazy and then cuddles up to them on the sofa and repeatedly licks them as if she’s the mother.

“I think she misses them when they go back in the pen as she has tried to climb in a few times, but she is too big.

“She will just sit and watch them or rub her nose up their pen waiting for them to come out.

“It is so nice to watch their friendship unfold.”

From watching her two best friends in their pen, to licking their heads and wrapping her paws around them, Bella is never seen without her pals, Piglet and Pumpkin.

Mum-of-three Michelle adds: “It is no surprise that Bella thinks she is their mum as they all have very similar coats.

“It is funny watching them together, Bella licks them and they just sit there without a care in the world.

“I am so pleased they all get on!

“They make the cutest best friends.”