Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


An athletic cyclist takes a unique approach to riding her bike, including wheelies, standing on the handlebars and balancing tricks.

When Viola Brand, 25, isn’t studying hard for her degree, the avid cyclist likes to hop on her bike and take a ride around her home of Schorndorf, Germany.

But Viola isn’t your average cyclist, as the athletic rider trains for 20 hours a week to master some truly amazing bicycle tricks.

From performing wheelies, standing on the handlebars and contorting her flexible body around the bike to ride it in some unique ways, Freddy Mercury never imagined riding his bike quite like this.

Viola said: “It takes a lot of training to improve my technique and to learn more tricks. But there is also a lot of strength training especially for the handstand.

“I took me seven years to learn the handstand on the bike. For most of the tricks I trained more than two years to master them.

“I feel a lot of happiness and joy when I complete a trick. It is amazing when you train so long and for so many years and then you finally master it.

“When people see my tricks, most of them are overwhelmed because they have never seen tricks like these or they think it’s impossible that you can do such tricks on a bike.”