Amazing Nature Video

By Neo Bye


An incredibly long jellyfish tentacle measuring up to five metres can be seen floating through the sea.

Israa Samen was diving off the Sealine Beach in Water when he crossed paths with this looping Atlantic sea nettle jellyfish tentacle in October 13.

The winding tail is floating behind the main head of the jelly fish with a translucent colour.

The jelly fish is trying to make it’s way with the trailing tentacle looking like a smoke screen lagging behind.

Israa said: “I was a bit afraid because I know that this kind of jellyfish’s sting last for months and hurts so much, and I was happy at the same time because the jellyfish movement looks incredible.

“The jellyfish was moving around but I captured it while I’m moving around it that’s why you can see it looks like twisting around itself

“It is very common to see long tentacles jellyfish in Qatar during the summer, some of them five metres in length.”