Animals Life Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto


This is the adorable moment a dog and man went paragliding for the first time together.

Pooch Pu, two, was filmed calmly flying over Doi Bu Mountain, close to Hanoi, Vietnam, in the company of his owner’s friend Cong Mai, earlier in November.

Pu’s owner Phuong Le Duc, 30, who is a professional filmmaker, captured the amazing scene from the ground, as both his dog and his friend had their first paragliding experience together.

Phuong said: “I decided to let my friend fly with the dog because I wanted to shoot the scene from the ground, and Cong was happy to help me do that.”

Cong said: “This was my first time paragliding, and Phuong asked me to do that with his dog so that he could shoot from the ground.

“I accepted because I like Pu and I thought it would be a great experience.

“In the end it was a really fun moment both for me and the dog.”