Animals Video

By Jack Mobley and Federico Cornetto

This depressed looking dog has been snapped perched on the roof of a pub, looking over the busy city.

Musician Violet Skies was on the phone on November 27 in Bow, east London when she spotted something unusual on a building across the road from her friend’s apartment.

On closer inspection, the object was indeed a pup looking on from on top of a two-storey pub.

The sad-looking pooch was sat on the corner of the building watching as the cars down below drive by.

Violet said: “I spotted a dog climbing onto the roof of the pub over the road, and he sat right in the corner on the ledge and watched the traffic go past.

“I had to stop my conversation to snap a video.

“I’ve been told the dog does this all the time, and Rufus is a nickname the neighbours have given him, I don’t know his real name!”