By Lucy Harvey

These are some of the craziest, most inspired, unique, beards and moustaches you are likely to ever see.

Greg Anderson, 44, a photographer from Las Vegas, USA, captured the bearded gentlemen earlier this month, during the National Beard and Moustache Championships, held in Chicago.

From stars and circles being styled into facial hair to beards longer than 14 inches, Greg has captured it all.

Greg, who has been attending the event for the past seven years and describes it as ‘a two day party,’ said: “It’s a personal project that I love doing every year because of all of the people involved, some of which I’ve known now since the first event I shot in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2013.

“All of the character, designs and styles never disappoint and it’s the most fun I have all year on a photoshoot.

“I plan on continuing indefinitely and gathering more material with the goal of putting out a book at some point in the future.

“It’s exciting to see the images make their way around the globe.

“The crazier the design the better, in my book -I love all of the outrageous styles the most, they’re kind of like my children, I can’t pick favourites.”