Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This excessively enthusiastic student enters class every morning with an over-the-top greeting to his fellow classmates.

Aiden Weber likes to greet his peers a little differently at his high in Panama City Beach, Florida.

the 18-year-old bursts through the door using colourful language, exploding with energy and throwing a book at a friend on one particular Wednesday.

The following day, Aiden expresses his excitement for Friday and tries to infect his classmate with the same enthusiasm.

Aiden blasts past the doorway on Friday, running into class exclaiming his joy for the final day of the week.

Then comes Monday with a depressed looking Aiden as he staggers into class before removing his bag of books and hurling them at a friend.

Aiden said: “My classmates at first thought the video was stupid but now think it’s funny.”