Animals Nature Video

By Randal Coombs


A bunch of good Samaritan fishermen jumped on to a seal as it was wading into waves to cut a plastic noose wrapped around its neck.

Naude Dreyer was out with crew from a passing ship on Pelican Point, Namibia, on September 28, when they spotted one of the animals was in trouble.

Acting fast, the group frantically ran after the marine mammals as they looked to wade into the South Atlantic Ocean, and Roman Wipfli managed to jump on to their target.

Restraining it as a group, they used pliers to cut through the plastic fishing line which was tight around its throat and let it swim away.

Naude said: “We spend quite a bit of time driving around with binoculars, scanning through the groups for entanglements.

“This was one of eight animals we managed to catch that day.

“This particular monofilament fishing line is used to catch tuna, shark and swordfish in the long line industry.

“The entanglement was quite fresh, which means there was no major damage to the animal – yet.

“As they grow so fast, within weeks it would start cutting deep into his skin and eventually killing him.

“This was one of over 300 animals that my crew and myself rescued this year.

“We are sitting with a major problem here and doing what we can to mitigate it.”