By Dan Coles


A dad had to stick his Christmas tree to the wall to keep it out of the reach of his mischievous toddler.

Steve Lang, 34, from Dorset, was worried his one-year-old, Arthur, wouldn’t be able to keep his fingers off the Christmas tree this year – risking daily redecorating nightmares for the next six weeks.

The clever dad decided to buy half of a tree and hang it from his ceiling and then stick it to his wall to keep it out of his son’s reach, which so far has led to a disaster-free tree covered in decorations.

Arthur has spent the last few months with his “hands in everything” which has led to Steve putting security gates all over his house and keeping everything valuable, or hazarders, far up high to keep Arthur from getting his mitts on them.

Steve said: “He’s just a total explorer, his hands are everywhere all of the time so we have stairgates all over the place, locks on the cupboard and we’re always finding him either in the washing machine or the dryer.

“He definitely keeps us on our toes, I knew the Christmas tree was going to be a problem because we knew he would pull it down.

“We were going to leave it this year and just have decorations and not worry about a tree.

“I was thinking of ways to stop him from touching one if we got it, I figured I could just stick one to the wall by cutting one in half and sticking it up.

“I attached it to the wall with hooks and cable ties wrapped around the tree and it’s actually really sturdy.

“It has worked amazingly, he’s not even interested in it because he can’t get to it so we’ll be doing this every year until he stops being so mischievous.”

Steve first opted to buy a tree and cut it in half symmetrically until realising just how difficult a job it would be, so set about finding one he could buy.

Luckily, he found one, and has hailed it as a blessing for any worried parents with troublesome tots this Christmas.

Steve said: “I was looking at trees to chop up and realised it was going to be a nightmare.

“Randomly, I found a shop that sold already chopped in half trees and figured that it was probably the better option.

“Chopping up a tree horizontally is quite easy but symmetrically from top to bottom is a bit of a different task all together.”

Steve posted his idea online and has been inundated with likes comments and shares from parents all over the country saying how much of a godsend idea it is and will be doing the same this Christmas.

Steve said: “I really didn’t expect so much feedback, but everyone loved it, I had thousands of likes and comments saying how much of a good idea it was.

“I just wanted to show my idea, I didn’t think it was amazing but I did like how it turned out so I wanted to show people.

“I’ve sent them a message on twitter telling them if they start to sell out then it’ll be my fault.

“Luckily, Arthur hasn’t managed to get his hands on yet, but you never know.”