Nature Video

By Lucy Harvey


The funny moment a turtle was trying to get into a pond but ended up taking a tumble was captured on camera.

A woman who was visiting the Bristol Zoo with her family didn’t miss the chance to get the fall on camera- she said they all thought it was hilarious, especially her children.

She said: “Even though there are much more exciting animals there, my kids really liked the turtles, I guess maybe because they move so slowly and were in and out of the water, sliding in, swimming, climbing the rocks.

“One turtle was climbing up onto a rock and it looked like he was about to dive in.

“I thought I’d take a short video of them as the kids seemed to like them so much and I thought they might like to watch the video again later at home.

“It was just total fluke that the turtle did a sort of forward roll into the water- it was just very sweet and comical and we didn’t think for a moment he was in any trouble or that any harm came to him as he just started swimming.

“Ultimately as he rolled into water, he wasn’t really going to end up hurt.

“I guess what made the clip so funny is that we all burst out laughing and we were a group of  four adults and three children so it’s quite a loud group laugh. “