Animals Video

By Mollie Mansfield


A doting owner has gathered a pack of therapy dogs to celebrate Thanksgiving with traditional costumes and a feast in viral snap.

Trish Gorry, 54, got together with several other handlers who form part of Therapy K9’s of South West Florida, to give the hardworking pups a festive treat.

The pack, which includes three Golden Retrievers, one Labrador, one Corgi and one King Charles Spaniel, all took to the dinner table to celebrate Thanksgiving together in traditional festive outfits.

Knowing that the moment was too adorable not to share, Trish, a therapy dog handler, decided to snap a photo of the pooches all eagerly waiting for their meal and share it on social media.

After the pack had stopped posing for the camera, they were treated to a bowl of doggy ice-cream whilst their owners ate their turkey.

Trish, from Nokomis, Florida, said: “These dogs, alongside their handlers, work tirelessly every day to help other people – so it was about time we did something for them.

“We take the dogs everywhere – hospitals, nursing homes, courthouses and even to do reading programs with school children.

“The dogs are very well trained, so having them sit in traditional costumes and pose around the Thanksgiving table was easy.

“We all practised individually with our dogs at home to make sure they would sit and smile for the camera, and it only took one attempt to get this adorable photo!

“We gathered at a friends house and made a lovely Thanksgiving dinner for the humans and gave the pooches doggy ice-cream.

“We hope that this photo will bring joy to a lot of people’s faces and brighten up their Thanksgiving.”