Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


A duck wearing shoes randomly walked down a city street with his owner.

While Johnny Ciardullo, 25, was looking out of the window of the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, on November 1 when a strange sight passed by.

A woman slowly walked by, with a white duck wearing shoes following closely behind.

Aghast, Johnny began filming the random and bizarre site.

Johnny said: “The lady is a local legend. We call her the ‘Duck Lady’.

“If you pay her, she tells you your future and lets you pet her duck.

“Usually he is in a basket and before this video I’d never actually seen the duck walk around, let alone wear shoes.

“My only guess as to why it was wearing shoes was to protect his feet from the cold concrete or avoid anything sharp on the ground.

“I felt astonished because I’ve never seen the duck actually walk and I didn’t know duck shoes were a thing.”